Working with you has been awesome! I will only do my CE with you guys!                

Stacey, Beaverton High School Teacher


Educational Explorations has been a powerful partner in education in our school district. Curriculum director, Barbara Miller,  and her team of experienced educators, provide courses that match our needs for rigor and relevance in professional development.  Our teachers give great reviews on the courses, reporting that the content is directly applicable to their schools and classrooms.              

Rachael Harms, Professional Development Coordinator, Salem-Keizer School District


Barbara Miller is a delight! Her presentations for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor are always peppered with laughter and amazing enthusiasm. I wish I could listen to her every day!!!
Joyce M. Saltman, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus of Special Education


I loved both courses I have taken through Educational Explorations. I honestly couldn’t of made it through this year as successfully without the courses I took; they were so instantly applicable to my classroom’s needs.  Both courses were marvelous and stretched my teaching!                                                                                            

Heathre, Salem-Keizer Teacher    



Humor in the Classroom Courses

This was my first graduate course after my Master’s and licensure program and I enjoyed it more then any education class I had in college. I feel like I got more out of this humor class then most of my child psychology courses I had to take for my undergraduate degree. The take-aways from this course were all from the presentations we had in class. Just being able to network and share what is happening and how the students are responding to adding humor into our schools was eye opening.
Through this experience I learned that putting yourself out of your comfort zone leaves room for the students to add their own individual personalities and humor into your class. They feel more comfortable when the teacher is able to show themselves as a real and geniuine person who likes to make their curriculum fun and SAFE for all students.
From this class I can share how much my class management and techniques have improved in the physical education setting due to adding more humor and light-heartedness into each class.                                                                                          Sarah, Elementary School Teacher

This has been such an important class not only because of learning how to expose our students to humor, but to also remind us that we (educators) need the comic relief sometimes more than the students. I’ve been involved in several discussions with my colleagues on how to help the retention rate of regular and special education teachers…and besides self care outside of the classroom, humor in the classroom is a close second.
Chris, Special Education Teacher
Thank you, especially, Barbara for giving me the opportunity to take this class and for all the energy and openness you bring to the topic.
Gail, High School Teacher


Neurodiversity and Strength to Strength Courses
I now have a different perspective on how I teach my students due to this class.Throughout this course I have mentioned things here and there (from the book and from the postings online) to my co-teachers when we are discussing issues and situations in the classroom. They have been very receptive of the different ideas that I have brought up due to the information acquired from this course. I greatly appreciate the insight I have gained from everyone participating and from you, Barbara. Thank you for a great experience!
Jenna W.

This course has helped me a lot because it has reminded me that each student has a unique skill or gift that they bring to school each day and it is my job to incorporate activities that give them lots of opportunities to feel successful in the classroom by using those skills and gifts.                                                                                                           Ron W.

I think all teachers old and new should take a class like this to better understand their students. I know I have learned a lot and the understandings I’ve come away with have helped me to better design lessons for my students.
Megan H.

Thank you, Barbara! This class was delightfully challenging and enlightening!
Susie L.

Physical Education Planning for the Elementary School Teacher
This Rubric works great. My regular grade sheet was a simple check off of student, date, and pass/no pass (+/-) and didn’t include Skill or Notes sections. The Notes column has been really helpful in tracking behavior issues in my class. It is also great at highlighting if a student is struggling with a particular skill.Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help. It was nice to get a good focus on teaching P.E.                                                       Amy R.


Differentiation Courses
The book has been extremely helpful and information in a way that made it easy to process and understand the information, which means I will actually continue to use it and apply the knowledge! Thank you Barbara for choosing this text for our class, I only wish all of my staff were taking this class as well so we could have discussions about it during PLC’s or staff meetings, it would be a great book group to do.
Claudia S.



Music, Art and Poetry

Thank you so much for this, Lee. Your teaching is to such a deep level of human understanding that I am challenged like never before. I am so thankful that I chose your class.
Deborah Adams, Music Specialist Laurel Elementary School

Thank you so much for all of the fantastic ideas and inspiration! I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into,  but this sounded like it could really support our IB program and the requirement to integrate the arts. I got more than I bargained for, and am walking away with some really useful information that I have already implemented, and will continue to use throughout my career. I will be recommending the class to my colleagues as well. Thanks again!
Melissa C., Fifth Grade Teacher, Salem School District


This class was very insightful.  I really enjoyed learning how to take subjects like History and English and making them more engaging and memorable to the students.  When adding art, music, poetry to an assignment it adds to the overall lesson.  I can see myself adding poetry to my lessons now.  Before this class I honestly don’t think I would have because I didn’t know enough about poetry to share with my students.  I now feel more comfortable with literary terms and rhyming schemes… I can see so many of these ideas and methods staying with me in the future when I plan and create my lesson plans.|  Medina M., Salem School District


Thank you so much for all of your time and effort and the great ideas that you have given us!  I have already begun to incorporate this incredible information into my classes and know that it will benefit my students greatly!  Thank you so much!
Allison R., Language Arts Teacher grades 6-8, Salem School District


Sensory Side of Learning and Behavior

I can truly say this is the most enriching online course I’ve ever taken! 
Maggie, Portland Public Schools

 I feel I have learned so much from taking this class! It has been very helpful for me in finding new ways to help students be successful learners socially and academically. -Megan H., Beaverton School District


What a wonderful class on an interesting topic! I learned so much and feel I will go back to my school and classroom armed with some important knowledge to help my students be more successful… I wish everyone could take this class!                                                   Erin, Hillsboro School District


This course has opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed.
Carrie, Faith Bible Christian School


I have learned so much from taking this class and I look forward to sharing this information with my colleagues and parents.
Courtney, Fern Ridge School District


This has been an invaluable source of information at a beginning level. Easy to access for somebody like me not familiar with sensory issues.

Alexandra, Portland Public School


I have spent the last few days at school blown away at how much senses play into how kiddos see and interact with the world. Of course we as teachers ‘know’ this, but it has taken this class to remind me just how important it is.
Beau, Junction City School District


Re-thinking Discipline
I am very glad that I took this class. I have gained much knowledge thus far about student behavior… I feel empowered that I have a starting point where I can begin to help not only my students, but myself to solve behavior problems.
Aida, substitute teacher


This by far has been the best education class I have ever taken.  It’s really given me a lot to think about.  I work with such a difficult population and it’s so overwhelming… But now I feel like I have an approach.  If I really want to make a difference in my students’ lives, this is the right path.  I feel like I am so better prepared to deal with the high needs of my students. 


This course has provided me with a different perspective that I can bring to the table when I work on behavior plans and classroom structure.
Meredith, Multnomah County School District


I have been able to reach students on a level that I don’t think I would have had it not been for what I learned in this class.
Rebekka N.


Discipline is something that I have struggled with for my entire career… This course has turned much of my thinking on its head… I have already made changes about how I approach discipline… this course has allowed me to really question and examine my practices and has shown me there is another way to go!
Thaddaeus, Gresham-Barlow School District


Web 2.0
Many of these new Internet sites have been great for my students. It is a different way to help them comprehend mathematical concepts and they are having fun with the free websites.