Online Classes – Every Term

These online courses are hosted through Moodle – an online classroom. You can register and begin any of the online courses at any time during the term.
Click on the title of a course for further description, information and/or to register.

Generally, courses are arranged in ten segments (to align with Portland State University’s ten week quarter system). However participants may join in an online course at any time during a term. For interactive learning and discussion at your own pace and on your own schedule, enroll in our online classes.

All online courses have either a companion book or online readings. Each course segment has a reading or other assignment. Course participants post reflections and applications of the material. Participants may be asked to exchange thoughts and ideas with one another as well as with the instructor.

We use the Moodle platform for our online courses. It is a user-friendly program, even for novices, and we will assist in coaching as needed.

Workshop only – attend day of class for seat hour PDU’s: $150
PDU Workshops – attend day of class and participate in online follow up
One “credit course” workshops w/o PSU credit (equal to 10 PDU’s): $190 course fee
Two “credit course” workshops w/o PSU credit (equal to 20 PDU’s): $375 course fee
Three “credit course” workshops w/o PSU credit (equal to 30 PDU’s): $500 course fee
PSU Graduate Credits – attend day of class, participate in online follow up,
and enroll for PSU
One credit courses (equal to 20 PDU’s): $190 course fee and $60 credit fee to PSU
Two credit courses (equal to 40 PDU’s): $375 course fee and $120 credit fee to PSU
Three credit courses (equal to 60 PDU’s): $500 course fee and $180 credit fee to PSU

All courses are offered cooperatively by Educational Explorations™ and Portland State University, Continuing Education/Graduate School of Education. Enrollment is limited to 8 credits per term unless officially admitted to PSU (except Summer term when enrollment is limited to 16 graduate or 21 undergraduate credits). Cost of courses is below the PSU regular graduate tuition rate.