PSU Info

PSU Registration information

You must set up an account with PSU so that we can properly register you for courses. Information for doing so is here:
Once you have set up your account, PSU will send you an ID card. It looks somewhat like a credit card, so take care not to discard it, thinking it is an unsolicited card.

PSU Registration form
This form can be emailed, faxed, or US mailed back to us at Educational ExplorationsDo not return it to PSU. We will register you at PSU for your course(s). Obtain the registration form here:

Grades and Transcript Information
Your course(s) may not appear on your PSU record until the end of the term. It is just the way PSU records cooperative courses. Please do not be concerned – if you have set up your PSU account and sent us your registration form, you are enrolled in the course, even if it does not yet appear on your record.
Grades are available approximately 10 days after the end of the term. Refer to your Moodle course site for specific dates, or see PSU Deadline Dates here:
Please check your unofficial transcript to be certain your grade is correctly recorded; then order your official transcript.
You must request your official transcript be sent to TSPC; PSU does not send transcripts without your request.
Need an early grade? PSU will only record early grades if it is a TSPC or district deadline. You must be at the end of your 120 day TSPC grace period. Your grace period is 120 days past your birthdate. If you are needing an early grade contact your instructor and the Educational Explorations office, so we can be certain it is recorded on time. Your account with Educational Explorations must be paid in full to receive your final course grade,
Obtain transcripts here:

PSU Payment Information
PSU will add the charges for your course(s) to your PSU account. Sometimes these charges do not show up until the end of the term.