Barbara N. Miller, DEd. is recognized internationally for speaking on various current topics relevant to the educational field. You can bring her engaging presentations to your school, district, or other venue. In addition, participants can earn graduate level credits. A list of presentation topics, and a schedule of upcoming events, are below.


Humor in the Classroom – Let Barbara help you discover the educational and therapeutic uses of humor in schools to enhance classroom management and increase student learning, success, and retention. This entertaining and engaging presentation will demonstrate how to incorporate humor-based strategies to make teaching more fun than work, all while increasing student achievement.

Differentiated Instruction – In this presentation, Barbara explores how to implement differentiation strategies in the classroom. She’ll share teacher-friendly practices that are curriculum based and sustainable, resulting in long-term positive classroom benefits. Unpack the mystery of differentiation and learn how true differentiation actually saves teacher planning time.

Brain Based Learning – Barbara explains the why and how of brain-based learning principles and guides educators through the process of making it work for them and their students. In this presentation she also shares how to design practical applications for your classroom, without being stressed by planning overload.

Neurodiversity – It may sound technical and scientific, but neurodiversity is a reference to the fact that brains learn, process, and store information in unique ways. Barbara can help you learn techniques and strategies to meet the needs of the cognitive diversity present in today’s students.

Attention Challenges – If you have your share of active, attention challenged students (in regular or special education classes), Barbara can help you explore teaching strategies and problem-solving methods to meet their needs in this helpful presentation.

Communication strategies and difficult conversations – All programs, educational and otherwise, experience struggles with effective and productive communication. Barbara presents practical approaches that result in positive communications. This presentation is custom designed for your environment, with opportunities for direct application.

Monkey Business! Better Business Strategies Learned from Monkeys! – In collaboration with Heather Wandell, author of 37 Better Business Practices Learned from Monkeys, Barbara presents workshops offering participants unique, just amazingly simple, ways to enjoy better business practices. Whether a one time presentation or a year long training program, participants will be provided with tools for immediate implementation. Practices not only enhance life in the workplace, but have direct carry over and impact in personal satisfaction. Reduce stress, improve productivity, and discover ways to improve everyday experiences.