Credits and PDU Info

If you are trying to decide between taking a course for Portland State University credit, or only for PDU’s, this information will assist you in making your decision.

All of our courses are accepted by TSPC for licensing purposes.

Step 1: Check your requirements from TSPC. Some license renewals call for credits; others accept PDU’s. If you need credits, look carefully to see if the computation is semester or quarter hours. All PSU courses are computed as quarter hours. 1.5 quarter hours = 1 semester hour.

Step 2: Check with your district to see how step raises are calculated. Credit courses often apply to step pay increases, which is not always the case with PDU’s.


PDU’s are computed as seat hours. There are two options.
If you attend a classroom based course you can take the PDU’s that relate to the number of the hours class is held. (This is usually six, however there are some four hour classes.) We call this option “workshop only,” and the cost is $150 for 6 seat hour PDU’s ($25 per PDU hour). After the class meeting, there are usually no further requirements, and also no further interaction with the instructor.

You can also take classroom based courses for PDU’s without credit, and participate fully in activities that follow the in-class session. The cost is only the course fee; you do not pay the PSU credit fee. You earn PDU’s at the rate of 10 for each “credit hour” the course is rated. (For example, a two credit course = 20 PDU’s without PSU credit; 40 PDU’s with PSU credit.)

If you take an online course, the PDU’s equate to 10 for each “credit” hour. Therefore, a two “credit”: course = 20 PDU’s; a three “credit” course = 30 PDU’s. Again, you pay only the course fee, and not the credit fee for the PDU only option.


Any of our courses can be taken for credit. The cost is the course fee, plus the credit fee payable to Portland State University. Credit fees are $60 per each credit (therefore $120 for a 2 credit course, $180 for a 3 credits course). You must also register as a student with PSU for a one-time cost of $27. We will assist you in this process, and also handle the actual course registration with PSU.

All courses taken for credit equate to PDU’s by doubling the “seat hours.” Therefore, a two credit course with 20 “seat hours” = 40 PDU’s; a three credit course of 30 “seat hours” is equal to 60 PDU’s.

Course Fees

When taking a course for credit, or for extended PDU hours (earning more than the seat hour PDU’s through continuation of the course after an initial class meeting, or to participate fully in an online course without the PSU credit recording fee option) the fees are:
1 “credit” course (=10 PDU’s) $190
2 “credit” course (=20 PDU’s) $375
3 “credit” course (=30 PDU’s) $500